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> Hosted Solution Saves You Time and Energy
  • The ZMR Lab Management system can be accessed remotely on the web from any location, without the need for installing
    or maintaining fileservers at your labs.

> PSG Data Management
  • SleepEx offers hosted and enterprise solutions for PSG Data storage, viewing and management. Whether a single channel screener, a 9-channel home testing device or a full PSG, ZMR is the solution. We can work with you to design the integration you need.

> Secure and reliable online data storage
  • Archiving based on 256-bit encryption and Amazon data storage Web Service.

> Workflow and Email Notifications
  • At each stage in the PSG process, ZMR can automatically generate and send email notifications to individuals or groups of users.

> Patient Portal
  • Allow patients to log on to complete questionnaires or enter information before their study, at home or in the lab.

> Document and File Storage
  • Users can attach any type of file to the PSG study or Patient record. Additionally, ZMR will automatically display images, video, Microsoft® Office documents and PDF files.

> Branding
  • The ZMR Portal can be branded with your own or with your customer's name, logo and colors.

> The ZMR Database
  • Power and Flexibility brought to the user. Add or edit as many forms as you want: no need for feature requests or programmers. If you choose, we are happy to consult with you or customize the lab management system for you.

> E-Fax
  • ZMR helps automate managing incoming faxes from referring physicians and faxes evaluation reports back to the referring doctor when the sleep study is complete.

> Referring Physician Portal
  • ZMR optionally allows referring physicians to log in to the system and review reports about their patients.

> Patient Portal
  • Optionally allow patients to fill out questionnaires or view personal test results online.

> Integrate With Your Existing Systems
  • ZMR can integrate with a wide variety of hospital systems. Contact us for more information about your specific needs.

> Request a Demo
> Download ZMR Presentation

What is ZMR™ Green?  (hint: ZMR v 2.0!)
ZMR Green is a paperless medical records system for sleep professionals!
ZMR Green is a complete Web-based database and sleep lab workflow system with full-service PSG data and access management. This specialized medical record solution is a flexible and scalable system for any lab or group of labs and provides many of the necessary measurements needed for accreditation and to maintain HIPAA best practices. ZMR Green allows users to create a customized database of patient information specific to the operational needs of your business. Since SleepEx has been doing this for so long, ZMR Green includes unprecedented workflow components such as:

  • Sales effort and referral tracking

  • Multi-site, daytime, clinic or night study scheduling

  • PSG interface for automatic status updates and notifications

  • Remote access for scoring and interpretation

  • Automated email notification or e-fax completed reports to referral sources

  • Triggering of therapy ordering and compliance management capability

  • With Patient data security at the forefront of every healthcare IT professional’s mind right now, ZMR Green provides data access and management every step of the way including:
  • Secure and reliable data hosting based on 256-bit encryption using Amazon data storage Web Service.

  • Data transfer and access to patient records via World Wide Web

  • Online viewing of PSG data for Interpretations, quality assurance and research

  • Archiving of patient records and sleep studies for term of contract

  • HL7 import and export engine for integration with hospitals, legacy EMR system and billing interfaces.

  • Why is ZMR™ Green?
    ZMR Green positioned as one of the most ecologically-friendly solutions with characteristics such as:

  • Paperless medical records… save the trees!

  • Remote access for scoring and physicians…no driving to the lab lowering emissions and saving fuel!

  • Online training and web based implementation…eliminating unnecessary flight travel reducing fuel costs and emissions!

  • Amazon™ computing cloud and storage network…eliminates unnecessary carbon emissions from server production and offsite delivery of data.

  • Paperless import and export of patient data to hospital EMR or billing solutions and electronic fax solutions virtually eliminates paper charts and time, money and energy it takes to manage it!

  • * Don’t need archiving or remote access to sleep studies? Ask us about ZMR Database only!

    ZMR™ "Green " is the end result
    a unique system built for your needs with the capabilities to help manage your business more efficiently and profitably.

    Contact us to discuss your needs for more information or to arrange a demonstration. 800.235.9830

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